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Salamanca, Spain (BMM)


Bailey, Norris & Linda               

(Vietnam/Burma/Philippine Tribes)



Bangs, Donavan & Laura           

Lower Cambourne (England) (BMFP)



Bradley, Raymond & Anita         

(Deaf in Ecuador) (BIMI)


Byers, Kevin & Stacy                

(Portugal) GFM
Booths, David & Sarah

(US Military in Europe)   (BIMI)



Dennis, David

Oil Patch, North Dakota (Fargo Baptist Church)



Dunlap, Mark & Esther



(Bible Baptist Mission)



Dyck, Cheryl                            


Roxas Palawan, Philippines

(Victory Baptist Church)




Ferrari, Adrian & Krystal


Argentina, NBBC


Frey, Rodney & Cheri                


Alumine Neuquen, Argentina (BMFP)       



Harris, Jimmy & Carolyn           


Devils Lake, ND

(Native Americans) (Macedonia)


Kotvas, Joe & Lisa                    


Lima 18, Peru, South America                            

(Deaf in Peru) (Macedonia)                                




McDaniel, John & April


Navajo People  (BIMI)


Myers, Steve & Pam                   

(Tibetan People of Nepal)(BIMI)
McTague, Cory & April


Dorpspruit, South Africa                        

(Zulus & Indians of South Africa) (BMFP)



Nolands, Larry & Pam


Aklavik, Northwest Territories, Canada

(Points North Baptist Mission)



Osborne, Leo & Rosie               

Yigo, Guam 96929                                            

(Military in Guam) (BIMI)                                  


Owen, Sam & Linda                  


Dupree, SD

(Native Americans)                                            

(Independent Baptist World Missions)                                  


Oyerly, Bob & Mary                  


Livingston, TX                                      

(New Testament Church Planting) (NTCP)          




Ryberg, Tyler & Cathy


Worldwide Military Baptist Missions


Sinkevicius, Audrius & Diana     


Vilnius, Lithuania                                               



Weimer, Patrick & Vicki            


Njardvik, Iceland (BMFP)


Whiangar, Tuakah Sr. & Ruth    


Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa                           

(Liberia) (Death Unto Life Ministries)


Victory Baptist Press


Milton, FL (Victory Baptist Church)




Wyatt, Jim & Karen


South Africa, ((BBCGF)


Zwingels, Jon & Larissa


Russia & former Soviet Union







Albright, Kent & Belén               





This is just a listing of our current missionaries. We hope to add pictures and more information soon.









































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