Welcome to Minot Baptist Church. We are an Independent, Fundamental, King James Bible Church. We would love to have you visit with us during our next service. If you're new to the area, please be sure and call us for directions. Our number is: (701) 839-1351.

We're located north of the airport at 500 46th Ave NE.

We are OPEN for all services!
As many churches across our nation are opening their doors for services starting May 3rd, we too will be welcoming all who come.

As we all know there is a lot of media coverage concerning the COVID-19, corona-virus.  This SUNDAY through WEDNESDAY, July 26-29, 2020,  Minot Baptist Church will be hosting Evangelist Dan Manka and his family. Dan Manka and his family play several musical instruments. Dan also does historical skits, object lessons, as well as puppets and some great preaching. Sunday will be our regular hours, and Monday through Wednesday at 7:00pm each evening. Sorry for the little mix up with the Minot Daily News dates.

** We do understand if you still have  concerns. Please be sure and pray for our folks, and our nation.  GOD BLESS!

2 Timothy 1:7 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (KJV)

Don't forget the Lord's house of worship. We will have several SPECIAL events throughout this year, 2020! (And we still have several things planned thoughout the year. So, please call to see if a special speaker, or special music is planned for your visit.)

So come and join with us each and every service, or get aquainted during one of our special days. 
  We'd love you to be a part of our church family! (Especially as we get ready to WELCOME these warmer days of SUMMER!)

Through out the year we study God's Word, sing praises to God, and welcome in Special Speakers, Special Singers, and share Special Times TOGETHER!

We'd love to have you come and share in our many Special occasions. And This Sunday (and every Sunday) we would consider it Special if you visited and worshipped with us! (Wednesdays too!)

 We're planning a year full of fun, excitement and of COURSE the BIBLE! We're studying through the Book of John on Sunday evenings and we recently finished a course on the Creation Academy (from Creation Ministries) in the  Adult Sunday School class.  And as we've finished that, who knows what's next? But it's all about the Bible!

We finished up our Vacation Bible School in June. 
So it's time to start planning for next year!

So come and share in the blessings yet to come!  

We're hoping and planning on sharing Christ with many this year, and we do seem to have a lot planned.   But we're not finished yet! Come and join with us.

Lord willing, we'll also have missionaries as well as Evangelists this year! As well as some special singers this year.

And throughout the YEAR other guest speakers from around the WORLD! Come and be a part of God's Family at Minot Baptist Church as we share all that God is doing here in Minot and around the World! (Acts 1:8)

Well, it looks like a busy year serving the Lord, so why don't you come join with us as we worship our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Come and be a part of the Great Commission here in Minot and to the uttermost parts of the world! Acts 1:8


***We'd LOVE to have you join us as we Worship and Praise God!***

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